Inspire Facilities

The Inspire Sports Academy is the premier all-around sports training facility south of Metro Manila, featuring a wide array of premium facilities and world-class equipment. 

Inspire has helped train and produce top tier athletes who have garnered glory for their teams, schools, and even for the country. Among these are the Gilas Pilipinas Men's National Basketball Team and Olympic medalists Nesthy Petecio and Eumir Marcial. 

You don't have to be an Olympian to enjoy and benefit from Inspire Sports Academy's facilities and equipment, though. Inspire is for everyone, whether you're aspiring pros, weekend warriors, fitness enthusiasts, or in it for a healthier and more active lifestyle.

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The Inspire Sports Academy High Performance Gym is for anyone who wants improve in terms of fitness, conditioning, and overall health. Use the skill mills, treadmills, skill bikes, and rowing machines from Technogym for your cardio workouts. Utilize the Technogym bumper plates and dead lift platforms together with Kesier Fitness Infinity Trainers and Matrix Fitness  Isolation Machines for your strength training. Maximize the spacious turf area for plyometric exercises, and leverage Boditrax technology to assess and track your body composition.


For hoop lovers -- and there are many, especially in our basketball-mad country -- the Inspire Sports Academy is pretty much hardcourt heaven. Inspire has two (2) full-size basketball courts in addition to one (1) half court and a total of seventeen (17) baskets -- more than enough training, skill work, and scrimmage space for even the biggest basketball programs out there. And when the players have to run laps or when runners need to improve their splits, Inspire also has a high-end indoor track.


Of course, the Inspire Sports Academy goes beyond basketball. We also have a multi-sport facility that can be configured and utilized for a variety of other sports training and competition activities like volleyball, futsal, badminton, and even combat sports. 


For those who want to unleash their inner Lionel Messi or Christiano Ronaldo, Inspire Sports Academy also has a 68m x 36m football pitch ideal for 8-a-side or 9-a-side. This can also be divided into 3 pitches for 5-a-side. Top flight football teams can push themselves to excellence on the artificial turf, while even casual soccer fans can try to do their best Kylian Mbappe impersonation as well.


And when you're done hitting the gym, shooting some hoops, or running some laps, we also have our Inspire Sports Academy lounge where you can cool down, unwind, and relax. This is also where athletes can consume their recovery meals or just swap sports stories as they look forward to future training sessions.


To show our commitment to being a premier all-around sports training destination, Inspire Sports Academy also boasts of its own dormitel, where athletes, coaches, trainers, and other team personnel can stay. Featuring twenty-eight (28) quad sharing rooms and thirty-two (32) twin rooms, our dormitel can host a total of one hundred seventy-six (176) occupants -- big enough for whole school sports programs or even company-size groups. 

As you can see, Inspire Sports Academy takes its mission of inspiring people to conquer themselves very seriously, and thanks to our premier facilities and high-end equipment, we can cater to a multitude of sports and address your every need, whether it's looking for a place for conditioning, skill training, or all-out competition.