Frequently Asked Questions

1) Where will the event take place?

All sessions will be held online via Zoom.

2) How will the sessions be conducted if it will just be online?

There will be lectures, videos, and handouts to be given out.  Practical application will not be required.  Alternative equipment and drills will be provided. 

3) Who are the speakers for each sport?

All speakers are selected from various groups who dedicated themselves in the advancement and propagation of the sport in the country.

4) How do we enroll and pay for the event?

You can enroll for the class by purchasing the fee here, and you may choose from all our payment options. (GCash, BPI online, UnionBank Online, and more)

5) How much is the online seminar?

The total amount is P2500. Included are 4 different sports namely: Chess, Dodgeball, Futsal, and Kickball.

6) What is the schedule of the event?

Each event date will be a 2-3 hours session that will feature one of the selected sports.

7) What will be the use of these sports if our school already has a solid sports program?

The featured sports may enhance your already existing program or can be an addition to co-curricular or extra-curricular activities like clubs or official school teams.

8) What if my school do not have the area and/ or equipment to play the sport?

All speakers will provide alternative means how you may execute the sport.

9) Who are advised to attend the seminar?

All faculty in the PE Department, including the Subject Area Coordinator; the Sport/ Athletics Coordinator; School Administrator, and the School Owner are highly recommended to join the seminar. 

10) What will we get from the seminar?

Schools will get more ideas what other sports can be played by students as well as new offerings for their clubs and/or school teams.  Attendees will get official electronic certificates from the Inspire Sports Academy’s Virtual Program.