Hey there! You're probably wondering what is the Athletic Club?

We want to use this opportunity to open our doors to individual athletes and fitness enthusiasts to gather and share their mission of inspiring others to conquer themselves. With our premier facilities and high-end equipment, we can cater to a multitude of sports and address your every need, whether it's looking for a place for conditioning, skill training, or all-out competition.

So if you're aspiring to get back in the game or simply to live a healthier and active lifestyle? We would like to invite you to be a member of THE ATHLETIC CLUB.

You get unlimited access to our ISA High Performance Gym depending on your membership plan. In addition, as a member, you'll also get to use any other INSPIRE facility for one (1) hour on the same day you visit.

Interested to be a member? Leave us a message below to get the membership rates and application form. We'd love to hear from you!